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onsdag 2. juni 2010

Running, workout of today-Hot session

Executing a short, long run today. It was pretty warm outside-much warmer than it has been before this year. I was a though session. I guess one of my weak points is to perform well under such conditions. That's why I am consistent in my training and carry out workouts independently of weather. I could almost sense during the first part of the session that this wasn't going to be a workout that I would get a good response from my body. Anyhow, I ran 14,3 k on 1h 21m 47s, climbed 377hm, had an average heart rate of 162 at an average speed 5,72min/km. Although I stribed to practise my zen-drills it was very difficult to do so. The work on this area must continue though. As a matter of fact I must make it a high priority to execute those drills during my workouts. My aim is to establish those drills as an integrated part of every running I do-in the end I do it automatically and without much effort.

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