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onsdag 20. oktober 2010

Weakly report: 41/10

Thueringen Ultra-2010
Another week has passed. This one being the preparation period before the start of the basic period who's stretching all the way to christmas time. My aim with the week was to prepare the body for the workload which is to come in the basic-period. That I did by doing one session of each sport-strength, cycling, running and swimming. At the end of the week I felt that the body felt more rested than it has been for a long time. If I am free of injuries in the time to come I'll be more than ready for some serious training again-focusing on amount, low intensity and technique.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
253,4h/ 7,24h pr week(Running: 199,6h/1.843,5 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 10th of Oct: 
7,0h /7,0h pr week (Running: 4,93h/ 40,7 km) 
Verticals: 782 m( Running: 648 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
7,0h(Running: 4,93h / 40,7 km)
Verticals: 782 m(Running: 648 m) 

4. Body weight: 72,7 kg
(Sunday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)     : 512 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)        : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)     : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10) : 185,7 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)          : 61,4 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)          : 85,5 km

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