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mandag 4. oktober 2010

Nordmarka-Oslo: Autumn run

At the start-lake Mylla
Spirit is good as we travel by train towards our destination Grua. Todays run is going to be the last long run in the terrain before the winter. Luckilly I've been accompanied with some of my runner-friends-Gunnar, Leyla, Thore and Ole-Arne. After a short drive from the train station we're ready to embark on our journey on trails towards Sognsvann-some 50 km longer south. We all agree that this is going to be both a social happening as well as a long run. The point is to spend a great deal of time in the terrain and have fun.

Our first port of call is the mountain top-Kolleren, situated at 688 m above sea-level-a difference in height from our starting point at the eastern end of the lake Mylla of almost 200 m. Distance is just over 5km.
At Kolleren
Not a soft start-the trail moves steeply upwards the first km and we're quickly gaining height. Conditions are demanding today with densed rain and a very wet trail, but we've decided to have a good run and continue along the trail. The trail is marked-or suppose to be marked-so I follow the course carefully as self-appointed navigator as we head for our next target. The conditions set aside, it's beautiful terrain. It's Nordmarka exhibiting it's best parts. The course levels out and we soon pass the lovely lake Aasjøen. Shortly after we begin the final ascend towards the top Kolleren. A km longer down the road we're experiencing a demanding situation as we have lost our marking, the fog is closing up and we're a bit uncertain about were to head. A bit of active working with the compass and the map and we reach the top after some serious off-road running having spent just over 1h and 20m to cover 5,5 km. Not very impressing, but we managed to solve what could have developed in to a serious situation, and we reached our destination. I'm sure the view from the top is magnificent but today we saw almost nothing.
A short break to have some snack and we're on our way towards our next check point-Katnosa Gård. The trail descends rapidly and the forrest soon gives shelter from the stiff winds present up on the mountain.
It is also more visible now, good marked and takes us along beautiful wooden trails that makes an impression in spite of a lousy weather. A good path gives less consern about our whereabouts.
After some time we're able to see one of Nordmarka's most lovely lakes Gjerdingen. Indeed it's marvellous to be out running in the woods. We've managed to move forwards at a greater pace than on the first lap, and after a while we're making the last descend down to the fram Katnosa. At this point we've spent 3h to cover 14 km-1h 40m on the last lap. Not an impressing pace, but the conditions are demanding and we're moving forward as a team. Having enjoyed our run so far we decide to increase our average pace by running the next lap on gravel roads. Our next check point will be Sandungen Gård-situated by the lakes Store og Vesle Sandungen.
As we move forward we suddenly realise we're not alone in the woods in spite of the dreadfull weather. It's hunting season and we spend some minutes talking to some nice people with a different aim than ours this day.
Pace is definately up as we're covering ground towards Sandungen. The last descend brings us down to Sandungen Gård. During the run I get a chance to speak with Leyla. She's pretty new in the ultra-arena, like myself actually. She's been doing a few training runs and ran her first ultra-race at Romerike 6h earlier this year, finishing with a distance of just over 52 km. That's a pretty good first-time performance. It's also pretty impressive to embark on a run like this. The length of the distance is one thing, but with more than half of it on terrain and under lousy conditions, it is nothing more than impressive to take part and complete it.
At Sandungen Gård, 3h 45m from start we've covered 20 km. Weather is still lousy and having spent some more time than we thought we would the decision to run a faster course towards our next check-point Kikut, is soon reached. Instead of running straight south and visiting the mountain-top "Kikuttoppen" we decide to run south of the lake st Sandungen towards Hakloa and run south on gravel roads towards our check-point from there. Kikut is a very welcome check-point as it will provide us a shelter from the wind and rain, an opportunity to warm up a bit, have something warm to eat and a longer rest.
The trail south of the lake st Sandungen is good and pleasant to run. It's pretty wet though. 
During the remains of the lap Ole Arne tells me he's been an active runner for some years, but have recently started running again after a two year break pursuing another passion-photographing. I'm pretty certain he'll be up and running again so to say after a period of patient training.
After some time on the road we finally approach Kikut and get a chance to step inside, warm up and have something to eat and drink. The cottage is cousy and warm. Time passes by as we enjoy the warmth by the fire, the food and talk about just about anything that we se fit-most of it running though. It appears that both Thore and I are participitating in Fredrikstad marathon later this month and Bislet 24h at the end of next month.
All good things must come to and end and we decide to head for our final port of call-Sognsvann. The course now is almost completely on gravel roads and passes Bjørnholt and the lake Skjærsjøvannet.
Sognsvann-final destination
Darkness is fast approaching as we make our way towards our final destination. Right after the lake Bjørnsjøen the road ascends steeply a few 200 metres. Thore and Gunnar appears to be excellent climbers as they soon disappear in the mist towards the top. Shortly after the road levels out and the rest of us is soon running again. Come to think of it we haven't seen much of other people on our way through Nordmarka today. A few hunters, one or two bikers and some hikers at the cottage Kikut. Besides that the woods are silent.
Passing the lake Skjærsjøen we are entering the last 5 km of our trip. The last km is runned together and as always it's a great pleasure to arrive at the finish line-almost as great as running. Having spent just over 46 k  and about 8h 17m in the woods-6h 15m on the move-it's great to complete a good day spent.

All photos by Ole Arne Schlytter.

-Distance: 45,5 km
-Time:  8h 17m 42s
-Moving time: 6h 13m 59s
-Average pace: 10:56 min/km
-Average, moving pace: 8:13 min/km
-Elevation gained: 725 m
-Calories:  3.068 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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  1. Flott beskrivelse av en imponerende tur. Skulle så gjerne vært med (neste gang.... Jannicke).
    Fire av dere er jo tross alt rutinerte løpere, men nygifte Leila imponerte litt ekstra... jeg hadde selv gleden av å løp med henne på hennes første ultratur på Hurumlandet 8.mai i år.