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søndag 31. oktober 2010

Swimming: working towards less resistance

This afternoon it was due for another technique-session. My aim with todays session was to work on relaxing more in the water by trying to rotate a bit on every stroke and at the same time make an effort to move my gravity-point forwards by pushing the head a bit more down in the water.
By reducing the area of which the water must travel past to a minimum I will reduce the resistance in the water. I achieve that by rotating a bit on every stroke and trying to move the gravity-point forwards.
I'm doing laps of 20 metres in a pool with a length of 10 metres. In addition I'm adding laps to a set of 5 laps trying to work on something in particular in that set. In todays session I clearly felt that by relaxing more, rotating a bit and pushing down at front had a significant effect. I was down by 1-2 stroke on each lap. I felt that rotating slightly was easily approachable, but moving the gravity-point fowards demands more work.Next time I'll assign one working task to each set-working on rotating and gravity-point in different sets. On the last set I'm combining.
I'll extend the length of the lap to 30 metres next time. When I'm managing laps of that length properly I'll add another weekly session of swimming. That will probably be from mid november.

 Swimming: Vestli school in Oslo, length of pool is 10m
-25 reps of 20 m-total of 500 m
-Total time spent: 45 minutes  

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