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søndag 17. oktober 2010

Swimming: improving on my breath

Good to be back again in the swimming pool. I've missed the sessions during the summer and the third quarter. First time was two weeks ago and now I'm having one session a week until the end of this quarter. My focus now is on breathing. I've established an adequate technique so far when it comes to feet-work and the use of arms to enable me to move forwards in an efficient way. Now it's time to work on my breathing-technique. I tend to breathe on every, second stroke and on the same side always(left). In a way I feel more confident by doing so. I think I'll stick to that for the time being. In addition I'm trying to increase the distance covered in one single repetition. The pool we're using is small(10 metres long), but that just mean I need to turn a lot more. It's good to practise that as well. Right now one rep is two lenghts and one turn. I must have done 15-20 of these this afternoon. It's diificult to tell just how many. I need to buy a watch that does the counting. Swimming is all about technique, so my focus is on executing good technique. If I get tired it's important to take short rest in order to be able to execute good technique during my workout. Today I did good by improving the length of my rep. I also managed to adjust my arm-work enabling me to have a more straight-forward direction in my swimming. The next time I'll be working more on breathing technique by using a spesific breathing-pattern decided upon in advance. Before the session I'll visualise myself doing it and make sure I'm mentally prepared.

2. Swimming: Vestli school in Oslo, length of pool is 10m
-15 reps of 20 m-total of 300 m
-Total time spent: 45 minutes

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