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søndag 24. oktober 2010

Swimming: technique session

Another workout focusing on technique this afternoon. The pool I'm swimming in has a rather small length(10 m), but it's more than adequate to work on technique. I'm doing laps of 20 m focusing on front crawl. So far my foot-work is good, my use of arm is adequate and my breathing needs improving. Naturally, I'm consentrating on my breathing. My technique is better on the first part of the lap-I need just 2 strokes to get to the turning point. On the second part then I suffer a bit when it comes to maintaining a good technique resulting in the need for more strokes(3-4) to get to the finish. There are two main reasons for this, I think.
First I haven't established a good breathing pattern yet-but I'm improving though. I'm more relaxed in the water and have established the ability to breathe out in the water before returning for more air. I think the solution for me is to establish a pattern which includes breathing on a pre-decided stroke(every second or third). In addition I need to breathe on the same side every time to be able to relax. My decision is to breathe on every second stroke and always on the left side. Before the next session I'll prepare myself mentally for it by visualising in advance.
Second I was a bit tired in my feet after the long run Yesterday. I'll continue my long runs so I'll just have to adapt.
I also tested out a watch meant to monitor my swimming by counting every time I turn and my strokes. I seems like the pool is to small to make the clock work so I'll just have to make notes of the number of reps and try it out in pools of longer lengths.
Finally I shure think it's about time to add another session of swimming in order to establish more amount of swimming training. One session a week is not enough. I'll consider adding one more session in a pool with greater length(25 m).
I'll decide on that in the weks to come and introduce it in the week after that.

Swimming: Vestli school in Oslo, length of pool is 10m
-25 reps of 20 m-total of 500 m
-Total time spent: 45 minutes

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