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onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Cycling: back on stationary wheels again

A breath of winter has arrived. It's about time to end the outdoor season on wheels and head indoors instead.
The workout tonight was my first on stationary wheels since 16th of March this year-just over 7 months ago.
The goal with todays session was to prepare the bike for the indoor season and do a light endurance session.
It's noticeable that I haven't been on the bike much this year after the day in March. Allthough I have had some workouts outdoors they've been far to few. Anyway I  established a high cadence on a light gear(11th)and rode through 30 minutes. I aimed for an average speed of 25 km/h trying to stay in zone 2. I ended in the middle of zone 3(154-160). Next time my aim will be to lower the average heart rate.

-Distance: 11,9 km
-Time:  30m 00s
-Warmup: 5 m ( 20-25 km/h)
-Recovery: 5 m(20 km/h)
-Working time: 20 m
-Average speed: 23,8 km/h
-Cadence, average: 87
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories:  301 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 157

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