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tirsdag 26. oktober 2010

Combined workout: running and strength training

Stavanger marathon-2010
I've grown to like this session more and more. It's timesaving and provides good results. The strength session went fine. I applied the same load as last time-new rowing maschine though. I'm considering adding one more exercise to my training programme. The one I have in mind is angled leg press.The reason for this is to work more on the hamstrings. I suspect a muscle-imbalance between quadriceps and the hamstrings,
Todays session with strength felt good. The rowing part left me pretty exausted at the end-it was ment to. It's a trap to add more load in the beginning. With a length of 15 minutes it'll be pretty heavy in the end. I'm staying on 3 this microcycle. The next microcycle I'm adding more load. That goes for the other exercises as well. I used the same load again as last time and it felt easier.
About the running then..It was meant to be low-intensive and it was. That's good. I was anxious to learn more about my knees after three days without running. I decided in advance to run without support. It went good. I didn't notice anything more than some light discomfort. Anyway, I'm considering to reduce the number of weekly running sessions from 6 to 5. It makes sense to run Man, Thue, Thurs, Fri, Sat-leaving Wednesday and Sunday to other activities. The ones I had in mind were cycling and swimming-to workouts each a week. I'll think more about this, but I will try it out tomorrow. The quality session with running on Wednesday will be added to the endurance session on Thursday.

1. Running:

-Distance: 8,92 km
-Time: 57m 05s
-Average pace: 6:23 min/km
-Average moving pace: 5:52 min/km
-Elevation gained: 90 m(12,2 m/km). 10-ok
-Calories: 635 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): Not measured
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Sun, 3 degrees celsius, breeze, medium humidity in the air

2. Strength-training:

-Warm-up: no need due to run to the gym
-Seated rowing: 15 minutes, ligth load(level 3); 3.300 m (Consept 2-Rowing machine)
-Squats: 1 set/6 reps/ 32 kg(52 % load), 1 set/4 reps/37 kg(60 % load), 1 set/4 rep/42 kg(68 % load),
1 set/4 rep/47 kg(76 % load), 1 set/4 rep/52 kg(84 % load)
-Deadlift: 4 set/4 reps/52 kg(78 % load)
-Stretching: After I finished the return run back home
-Workout time: 35 minutes.

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