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fredag 29. oktober 2010

Copenhagen 6h-race, 30.10.10: Preparations

An new race is due tomorrow. It'll be my second 6h-race. Last one was this year when participating in Romerike 6h-race in Norway. I finished with a result of 60,096 km. Average pace was 5:59.
Overall goal this time is to improve on that performance.

During that race I lost some time because of two visits to the toilette. In addition I hadn't established good enough nutrition routines.
My improvements from the last race is to avoid the toilette visits, execute good nutrition routines and use a running/walking strategy. In addition I'm focusing on average pace-not laps. My goal, average pace is 5:30.


1. Running/walking:
25m with a pace of 5 min/km / 5m with a pace of 10min/km. That will result in an average pace of 5:28, covering 5,5 km every half hour, and 11 km every hour-resulting in a total of 66 km.
One lap is 2,221 km. That'll result in 4,95 laps pr hour and a total of 29,7 laps.

2. Nutrition:
I'll make use of energy gels from Winforce, one every 30 minutes, this will be supplemented with water.

3. Equipment:
-Shoes: Saucony Kinvara
-Clothing: thights(knee-length), singlet, jacket-all from GORE
-Monitoring: GF 205-I'm logging every lap
-Other: vaseline, drinking belt(6 bottles)

4. Mental part:
I'm focusing on the pace, reaching the next km and reaching the walking break. Important to me is to enter a zen-like zone consentrating on keeping the pace, reaching the next km and the walking break-no more to it! In addition I'm focusing on having a great run!

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