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søndag 20. juni 2010

Getting ready for Thuringen Ultra at the 3th of July

Well, I tend to forget the pain endured on Yesterdays race and find myself already planning for the next race-it has been scheduled for a while though. It's a 100km ultrarun on trails in Thuringen Wald(forrest) in Thuringen, Germany. The race starts in Frottstadt and consists of one 100 km loop with the finish the same place.
I need to work myself through three different phases in order to prepare properly for the race:

1. First phase: Recovery from Kristins Runde
.1 Individual stretching
.2 Cycling on stationary wheels in zone 1
.3 Massage
.4 Hot baths on daily basis

2. Second phase: Maintainance
.1 Running racelike sessions every three day
.2 Cycling on stationary wheels in zone 1 on the days between running sessions

3. Third phase: Race-preparation
.1 Plan execution
.2 Mental preparation

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