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tirsdag 22. juni 2010

Weakly report: Week 24/10

This week I've consentrated solely on my A-priority race this first, half year of 2010, Kristins Runde.
In addition I carried out one workout on Thuesday.

I'm very satisfied with my result in the race. I'd never run that fare before-not even in training sessions. My longest session has been 51,5 km(32 miles). I finished 5 of 8 in my sex-group and 38 of 52 overall.
The finish time was 11h 33m 15s.
I've never been so tired after a run, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It was one of my best running-experiences ever. Already I long for more. I don't think it was a good move to run the race I did the week before-Nordmarka Forrestmarathon-when it comes to optimal preparation for the race. I'll have to reconsider that approach the next year.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
132,8h / 6,04h pr week(Running: 91,0h / 878,0 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
79,2h / 7,2h pr week (Running: 69,29h/663,87 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: Including the ultrarace, Kristins Runde
12,15h(Running: 12,15h/88,12 km)

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