Danmark fra Larkollen

onsdag 23. juni 2010

Recovery-session on the bike

Another recovery-workout on my stationary-bike tonight. My feet are feeling better today. Mentally I'm feeling gradually better. The purpose of the biking-sessions is to speed up recovery by increasing the circulation of blood and drain out the waste. From almost not being able to walk on Monday, I'm fully capable of doing so today. In fact I could go for a little run. It's wise to wait a few more days, though. I need to feel perfectly fit. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes. Worst case is Monday next week. Best case is Saturday this week. That means a recovery-period of about a week. The race next Saturday in Thuringen is the last in this mesocycle(2. quarter of this year). After that I'm entering a transition period of one week with no scheduled training at all, before entering the next mesocycle(3. quarter).

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