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mandag 28. juni 2010

Weakly report: 25/10. Recovery week

This week I've been mostly recovering from Kristins Runde last Saturday. I had a short session on a stationary bike on Thuesday and Thursday-both in zone 1.
On Monday I had a massage at my therapist to speed up recovery a bit. In addition I did some stretching on a regular basis throughout the week.
My body-and mind-felt ready for some running on Saturday again-one week after the race-and I headed out for a treshold-workout to check out my recovery. I was still a bit stiff, but overall it worked out just fine. I had a short, long run(2h) again in zone 2/3 on Sunday.
After one week of recovery I felt ready to prepare for a new race.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
136,7h / 5,94h pr week(Running: 93,9h / 908,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
83,2h / 6,93h pr week (Running: 72,22h/694,74 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: Including the ultrarace, Kristins Runde
3,94h(Running: 2,94h/30,9 km)

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