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lørdag 26. juni 2010

Back on the road again

It feels good to be running again, finally, after one weeks recovery from Kristins Runde last Saturday. Todays workout went good. In spite of very warm weather I managed to keep a good pace throughout all the session.
My feet are still a bit worn, but I'm perfectly able to deliver a good performance. Still I need to make efforts to stretch on a regular basis in the time to come. The workout was in zone 4. My intention from the start in order to test the body for weaknesses. Besides a tiny stiffness in the feet there weren't any. I'm glad to notice.
Well, one week left now and then I have a full week after that with no scheduled training-transition period.

-Distance: 10,8 km(6,7 miles)
-Time:  1h 1m 14s
-Average speed: 5,67 min/km(9,12 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 114,6m(376 ft)
-Calories:  766 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 164 (180)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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