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mandag 14. juni 2010

Racepreparation-Kristins Runde

The race on Saturday the 19th is fast approaching. It will be my first official ultrarun. In addition it will be my longest run ever-50,5 miles. More to come on my race-strategy later on. The subject here is my preparation this week before the race.
I'm scheduling two very, short, long runs in zone 4. The first is due tomorrow and the last one Thursday.
I will also take steps to reduce the stiffnes in my thighs and in my body. I'm scheduling some specific massage to loosen up the strains in my body. Hopefully it will take place on Wednesday. I might also schedule a short massage-session on Friday exclusively for my thighs. I have also ordered a cap to wear on Saturday. Most likely it will arrive no later than Friday. If not I'm buying one here in Oslo.
It's vital that I get enough sleep this week. It is also important that I make sure to eat properly the last days of the week before the race.
Well, then. I was thinking about my previous races. Are there any similar features to to gain experience from?
In Ålesund the 8th of May I had two recovery days at the beginning of the week and one on Friday. The race was on Saturday. In addition I had four workouts that week-one running session. Total workload: 8h.
In Copenhagen I also had three recovery days-one at the beginning of the week and the two last the days before the race. I had three workouts-two of them were running sessions. Total workload: 6,33 h
At Nordmarka Forrest Marathon last week on Saturday I had three recovery days again-Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The race was on Saturday. I had two running workouts that week.Total workload: 6,33h.
Length of training sessions last week was 1h and the week before that 1,5h-2h.
I'm not scheduling less than two workouts, but I'm limiting the length to 45 m. Intensity: zone 4. The first one will be tonight and the second one on Friday-the day before the race.
On Thursday I'm having a massage to loosen up my body a bit. I can still feel stiffnes in my feet-especially my legs after last Saturdays race.

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