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torsdag 2. september 2010

Flexibility: Sports- massage

I've been scheduling some sessions with sports-massage the last couple of months. Initially it was just a try-out to se if it worked out well for me before I incorportated it in my training programme as a recovery-session. I started out in June and have completed just over half a dusin sessions. I can clearly feel the effect when it comes to recovery-time. I feel a lot more fresh in my legs at a spesific time after a race than without sports-massage. My conclusion is that I will include this on a monthly basis-carrying out 1 hour a month.
Today I had 1 hour of sports-massage working manly on the hamstrings(30 min), legs(10 min) and 10 minutes on the quads. Last time-a week ago-I had 1/2-hour and worked only on the hamstrings due to severe thightness expereinced after the 6h-race on 21th of Aug. After todays session I feel that the thigthness has loosened up a great deal. I felt some of it during Stavanger Marathon last Saturday, but now it's almost gone. The last three days I've experienced an outburst of fluea, but that's fading away now. Tomorrow I'm back on regular training again-tapering for Berlin Marathon in just over three weeks.

-Quads: 10 min
-Hamstrings: 30 min
-Legs: 10 min

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