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mandag 6. september 2010

Weekly report; 35/10

Sunset in Oslo

Being the first week in the tapering period it's quite an irony that I seem to have a light stretch in both my hamstrings. Right now I'm working to removing those with some regular stretching exercises. Hopefully I'll be lucky in my efforts by the end of the week.
A total of 5 sessions this week of which four are running and one is flexibility-another irony for you there.
Just one quality-session, muscular endurance. I'll keep it that way through both the tapering- and the competition-period. The only exception is the number of endurance-sessions. I'm down to just three sessions in the former and two sessions in the latter-in total figures.
I experinced a good recovery on Monday after Saturdays marathon in Stavanger. After that I got infected by some virus and was ill for two to three days. I resumed training on Friday. That day I had a muscular endurance session that was very promising.. Saturday it was due for starting my swimming course, but learned that it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I went for a run instead. On Sunday I had a wonderful long run on trails in the wood in Lillomarka-my favourite course.
The most challenging in this period is to stay away from training and follow the training-programme. That means a substansial reduction in amount of training compared to previous periods. That is my approach to taper for Berlin Marathon the 26th of Sep


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
219h/ 7,3h pr week(Running: 169,3h/1.590 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
67,8h /8,48h pr week (Running: 61,01h/ 571,1 km) 
Verticals: 8.624 m( Running: 7.987 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
5h 43m(Running: 4h 53m/48,54 km)
Verticals: 625 m(Running: 625 m) 

4. Body weight: 70,9 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin(innkjøpt 8.4.10)     : 501 km (from the time of buying)
-Puma Concinnity(innkjøpt 30.4.10)        : 220 km (from the time of buying)
-Montrail Masochist(innkjøpt 14.5.10)     : 395 km (from the time of buying)
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8(innkjøpt 28.7.10) : 123 km (from the time of buying)

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