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søndag 5. september 2010

Lillomarka course: Endurance trailrun

Beautiful weather today and I was lucky enough to have scheduled an endurance-session on trails on my favourite course-in Lillomarka. The course is very technical, navigates along wooden trails in a forrest that consist mainly of pine and spruce. As you run along the trees the sun is intruding at different degrees.
In addition it's not much used by others and it's a good way to get some piece of mind as well.
As always I travelled by train to Movatn and started the ascend towards Sinober-a cottage a couple of miles in the woods- right afterwards. It's just under 3 km and the elevation is somewhat over 100 m. Patience is the key word as I encounter a very technical trail that seems to go straight up in the beginning. It's a good feeling though to be in the woods again after running on streets for some time. It's excatly two weeks since the last run on trails.
After a short while the trail levels out and I continue towards Sinober. Soon I'm encountering the last, big ascend towards Sinober and I'm richly rewarded by the beautiful views when I reach the lake Ormetjern. Not much left then before I catch the first glimps of Sinober-an old cottage situated strategically in the middle of Lillomarka. A nice place to stop a couple of minutes and even for a light snack.
View from Granberget towards Oslo
Well, I'm just stopping today for a quick look and I'm soon on my way through lovely, densed wood towards the highest point of the trip-a ridge called Granberget. It presents some of the finest views over Oslo and the southern-east part of Nordmarka.
My aim with todays run was to have a good feeling all the time. Most of the time I managed allthough I could clearly feel the ascends. But again, patience is what counts and I'm constantly improving on that. Mind and outer world seems to disappear as I slowly work my way through the beautiful scenery and I'm soon approaching Granberget. It's mandatory with a quick stop to enjoy the views before the run continues towards Kjelsås. The course is starting to descend right after leaving Granberget and I'm soon approaching a place called Solemskogen. This time I chose to run towards Maridalsvannet by following the skie-track towards Kjelsås. After some very steep descends I reach an open field just before the lake Maridalsvannet. Shortly afterwards I'm running on gravel paths along Maraidalsvannet towards Kjelsås. I had a good run overall. I could feel some discomfort at both sides of the hip. I noticed that Yesterday as well. Maybe it's some muscles that are over-stretched. Anyway, I'm off from running a couple of days. Next week I'm scheduling three sessions with running with a total amount lower than this week.

-Distance: 16,19 km
-Time: 2h 01m 41s
-Average pace: 7:30 min/km
-Elevation gained: 270 m(16,7 m/km)-above 10, well, it was a light session.
-Calories: 1047 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist
-Weather: Sunny, 18-20 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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