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lørdag 4. september 2010

Akerselva/ Kjelsås-course: Endurance session

Maridalsvannet, from Kjelsås
I wasn't going to run today. My plan was to start swimming again by attending a swimming-course in order to improve on my technique. I was contacted by the arranger a couple of hours before and told todays session was off due to low interest. I asked a few questions and after some thinking afterwards I find it highly unlikely that my course will ever be arranged as planned this fall/winter. I need to rearrange my plans when it comes to swimming. More on that on another blogpost.
My aim with todays running session was to carry out an endurance workout a bit slower than marathon-pace, keep the ascent-gradient below 10 and have a bit freshness left after the workout. I don't like running along trafficated roads so my favourite parts are north from were I live. I went up to Kjelsås to the southern end of Maridalsvannet, back again along Akerselva before heading back home. My feet were not as fresh as Yesterday and I lowered my pace after my warm-up trying to average on 5:30. The ascend towards Kjelsås went fine as I tried to execute patience when ascending. After reaching the top level I continued with an pace of 5:15 and felt good doing so. Along Akerselva it's mainly downwards and the scenery today was especially beautiful-sunny, quiet, still green after the summer.
I think 5:30 is as far down I can go on a slow run. Any slower than that and I'll get more exhausted than running at 5:30.
Marathon pace right now is 5-5:15. Treshold pace is 4:45-4:55.

-Distance: 11,88 km
-Time: 1h 05m 39s
-Average pace: 5:31 min/km
-Elevation gained: 108 m(9,09 m/km)-below 10, that's acceptable in this period.
-Calories: 847 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
-Weather: Sunny, 20 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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