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fredag 3. september 2010

Blindern course: Treshold-session

Operahouse, Oslo
I've been subjected to a virus-infection a few days. Sensing that it was fading away I went out for a treshold-session tonight. I was still a bit affected by the infection though. However, eager to get back in to running againg after four days I headed out for this weeks muscular endurance workout. My intention was to test what speed I could achieve while running just below or at treshold pace. I don't use a heart rate monitor anymore, and I guess I never will, but I know my body well enough to know how it feels at different efforts. Initially my legs felt fresh. I did the warm-up 30s faster than the previous ones. Beyond that my quality session started and I had decided to run approximately 10 km to se if I had made some progress since the spring. Establishing at a speed of 5 I could clearly feel that this was just below treshold. I had a good feeling and managed to keep a good technique. Before long I passed the 10km mark at 49m 37s(not monitored). That's 17s down compared to Sentrumsløpet this spring. At that time I was free of illness and had a bigger effort to produce the result. Anyway, I logged 4:59 on the session and I'm satisfied with that. In the weeks to come I'm doing the same session once a week. Next week the session will be a 10km race-Lørenskogløpet on Sunday the 12th of Sep.
I clearly feel that I'm in a good position now to further improve on my form as time is closing up to Berlin Marathon in just over three weeks. At that time I'm targeting at 5 as an average pace for the marathon.

-Distance: 12,29 km
-Time: 1h 03m 20s
-Average pace: 5:09 min/km
-Moving pace: 4:59 min/km
-Elevation gained: 106 m(8,62 m/km)-below 10, that's acceptable in this period.
-Calories: 876 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Clouded, 13 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air, chilly-I need to dress up a bit next time.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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