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lørdag 29. januar 2011

Skiing through southern Nordmarka

Movatn-what a start!
What a day! Sun, mostly calm winds and good tracks. I went to Movatn as usual and planned skiing to Gørja, then Kikut and to Sognsvann , passing Kamphaug. The part over Kamphaug was new to me.

The long ascend from Movatn was though today-after two skiing-workouts before this one this week. However, I managed to keep a record pace and finished the ascend after 30 minutes. Some water and a quick rest and I was on my way through the woods towards Gørja. Many people were present at the train obviously going to ski. Not many of them were heading towards Tømte as I was. Fewer were skiing pass Tømte and before long I was alone. I felt a bit worn and the body is in clear need for some rest. Not much snow the last weeks and the track were pretty hard and partly icy. I guess some of my kick-wax was left during my first long ascend. Anyway, I headed further into
 the woods and soon came upon the crossing to
View from Kikut
From Kamphaug
Gørja-45 minutes after my start. It's situated around 6,5 km after the train station. The part form this crossing and to the lake Kalvsjøen was new to me. A nice experience, typical terrain and not to steep. Before long I was arriving at Kalvsjøen and headed north towards the cottage Gørja-arriving at Gørja after 55 minutes, record pace!. The place was packed and I had no intention of paying any visit inside. Instead I had a few minutes rest and something to eat and drink before continuing to the cottage Kikut. Pretty levelled as I progresses towards Kikut. The toll from the two skiing-sessions this week was apparent, but I managed to keep a decent pace and clocked in afte 1h 40m, 15,25 km after starting. Not bad with all the elevation gained. The place was crowded. People were queing up in the yard. I had a light snack and a few minutes rest at the front, overlocking the lake. Soon I was on my way towards Sognsvann-this time by encountering a course that would leed me through Kamphaug-a beautiful spot deep in the woods, high up. Leaving the track to Gørja I started an monstrous ascend towards the lake Rottungen. Although I'm getting better ascending this was challenging. Luckily I was going upwards. Anyway, the course leveleld a while later and I was able to negotiate some low-steep ascends-lovely. Right before Rottungen  though the course went down very steep. no way I was going down there so I continued a bit and made use of another descend. It was better, but occassionally I had to walk down parts of it. Shortly after I entered the woods at Kamphaug. Lovely scenery. Passing two minor lakes, some uphill and then it went down-long, not so steep descend. Just excellent-my favourite. After a while I was at lake Skjærsjøen-one of my favourite places in southern part of Nordmarka. Not so long then before the last stretch towards Sognsvann. A levelled part and then the last, long ascend towards Sognsvann. Arriving when daylight was still present was nice. One month ago-at the same time-it was pretty dark here. In short, another great skiing tour in Nordmarka.

-Distance: 31,87 km
-Time: 3h 37m 29s
-Average pace: 6:49 min/km
-Average moving pace: 5:43 min/km
-Elevation gained: 471 m(14,8 m/km).
-Calories: 2.130 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Skies: Madshus
-Weather: Sun, clear skies, quiet/windy partly, -4 to -8 degrees celsius-good conditions!

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