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søndag 16. januar 2011

Weakly report: 1+2-2011

Leaving Kikut
Well, I've definately started training again after a quiet period in December-2010. According to my schedule running is off untill I have recovered from my knee-injury. I plan to start running again at the beginning of March-in seven weeks. Right now I'm paying a manual therapist weekly visits trying to loosen up on the ilotibial band in both my thighs that's causing the pain in my knees-the right one is worst. Untill then I'm training everything ells but running. My plan is to make advantage of this period without running to build a lot of basic strength. The means for doing so is to weekly strength-workouts and one weekly, long skiing-workout.
Additionally I have reduced the mileage of running when starting by more than 50 %. This year I'm also running entirly on trails and terrain and number of competitions is way down to under 50 %. Most important is to get injury-free and if I dont succeed by the beginning of March I just have to continue working and stay off from running the second quarter as well. In that case I will rearrange my priorities and go for cycling as my main target for the second quarter.
This week I've been pretty much on target when it comes to workouts and volume. Swimming hasn't started yet as I'd planned to attend a swimming course. That's put on hold and I have to start on my own the coming week-scheduling one session a week.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
11h/ 5,52h pr week
Verticals: 949 m(Skiing) 

2. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
11h /5,52h pr week
Verticals:  949 m(Skiing)

3. Total amount of training this week:
Verticals: 548 m(Skiing)

4. Body weight: 74,4 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Inspire(purchased 6.11.10)               :  66,2 km
-Addidas Supernova Sequense(purchased 1.11.10): 48,7 km
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)                 : 522 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)                   : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)                 : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10)              : 219,3 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)                      : 137,5 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)                      : 85,5 km

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