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mandag 3. januar 2011

Runners knee?, IT-Band Syndrome! New measure for getting injury free

This afternoon I made a visit to a manual therapist in order to start working serious with getting injury free. After a short examination the therapist reached a somewhat different conclusion than I had. It appeared that the cause of my injury is not in the knecap, but rather a condition referred to as the Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome. The iliotial band is a tendon that extends from the hip to the outside of the knee and is attached tot he shin bone, just below the knee. When the kne is bended about 30 degrees the tendon makes contact with a part of the knee causing the pain when this is done extensively over a lengthy period of time. The good new is that this condition is curable. A combination of stretching, icing and spesific strength training towards strengthening the gluteus medius muscle, should work wonders-and a few visits to my manual therapist as well to work on loosing up the tension. In this period I've decided to not schedule any running-workouts. Initially I plan for this period to last 8 weeks-that is both January and February. I'll start schedule running again in the beginning of March, but build up the volume gradually. First from one to thre weekly sessions and later on to a volume that adds up to 300 km each quarter-this will take place in March. From that point I can start training normally again.
That means not more than 300 km each quarter and increasing the volume with no more than 10 % from quarter to quarter. That means that I'll use ten quarters(2,5 years) to reach 800 km a quarter which was my volume in the third quarter-Talk about reality check!
That means I'll use my efforts in the terrain mostly this year and the next two years. In addition I'll prioritize XC-Skiing, cycling and swimming.
I'll schedule to A-races this year-Kristins Runde and UltraBirken. In addition I'll run one or two marathons and a terrain-race leadin' up to UltraBirken, and finally-Sentrumsløpet in Oslo(10 km). Not more than that. In km that will be around 800 in 2011-down from 2.200 in 2010.
I'm convinced that this is the right decision.

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