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mandag 26. juli 2010

Weakly report: 29/10

Being the first week in the building period I have delivered a solid amount of training, ending with an ultrarace on Saturday and Sunday. The body is responding well to the new schedule after the transition period. I think the adaption-period of one week paid off.
This week I've been using Mizuno Wave Ronin as my running shoes only. I haven't noticed any problem with my knee's whatsoever. I did experience some unfamiliar pain in my lower back during the race on Saturday. It didn't affect the outcome of the race. The race-Rallarvegløpet- was an awesome experience, especially the first day. It would have been even better if the race was carried out on one day.
I need to train more on long runs(4-8 hours). It's important to establish better routines when it comes to performance, nutrition and mental coping. I can't accomplish that with a short, long run(1-3 hours). In addition I need far more muscular strength when ascending. At last I need more speed. Shorly there is enough to work on.
Progress in performance is measured by results from competitions.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
170,7h / 6,57h pr week(Running: 124h / 1.161,6 km)

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
19,6h /9,78h pr week (Running: 15,69h/142,77 km)

3. Total amount of training this week:
13,67h(Running: 11,87h/107,32 km)

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