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fredag 30. juli 2010

Fast, short run

My third run this week. I headed out for at session at treshold pace. I don't use a heart rate monitor anymore so I quite simply use my feeling to assess what the speed is going to be. I think it's a better approach. I listen to my body. If it's up to it I push as planned. If not, I don't.
Well then, it was up to it. I covered just under 10 km in just under 52 minutes. The course was levelled. I had a good run, but I tend to push to fast too early. Running a 10k-race you don't have time to start a bit slow and gradually work up towards the running pace, but I can do it in a training run. Next time I will. If it had been a race I'd done a warm up and tapered in advance. The time is good to be a training run. I'm satisfied.

-Distance: 9,93 km
-Time:  51m 46s
-Average speed: 5,21 min/km
-Elevation gained: 84 m
-Calories:  705 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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