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lørdag 17. juli 2010

Back on my bike again

The workout on the bike this afternoon was excellent. It's been a while since my last ride on the bike-5th of May. It felt good to be cycling again-almost as good as running. In advance I had done necessary maintenance on the gear- and brakesystem. Crusing along the way in 40km/h at a cadence of 90 is just wonderfull when the bike and body functions well. I could be in there for hours. Cycling is a muscular sport-mostly the feet(thighs). The one being strong in the feet has a great advantage. Well, if I-Good forbide it-should have to give up running, there's always the bike to hang on to. My feet felt good. I had some minor setbacks since last time when it comes to technique, but I will sort that out in the time to come. I managed to keep up a good pace without to much effort. I also had a high cadence on average. Although the temperature was high I experienced some discomfort in my knees. I'll wear my knewarmers next time. In addtion I'll be working some more with my technique.
This third quarter I've scheduled one session on the bike a week, lasting one hour. I'll keep the frequency, but I will increase the length of some of the workouts.

-Distance: 28,0 km( 17,4 miles)
-Time:  1h 3m 45s
-Average speed: 26,4 km/h (16,4 miles/h)
-Cadence, average: 79
-Elevation gained: 204,2m(670 ft)
-Calories:  1.337 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored-will I ever(Felt excellent without doing it)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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