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lørdag 10. juli 2010

Thoughts about the first half of the year-2010

It's been a different year than I planned in advance. First of all I'd planned on consentrating on basic training the first quarter(I did that) and cycling the next quarter(I did anything but that-In fact I've only logged three sessions on the bike the second quarter. Why is that? Well, I decided after Easter to change my plans and consentrate on running the second quarter. I have spent three years in advance using time on both running, strength and cycling. I felt I needed to do just to one thing and see what the results were when doing that. Choosing running was easy. It has always been my favourite. In addition it's the sport I've been doing most, starting back in 2004. Funny though I didn't participate in a competition before last year when attending Sentrumsløpet in Oslo(2009).
Later the same year I ran my first marathon(Stavanger) and the second(Oslo).
The first quarter I logged 53,6h of training distributed on 67 workouts, of which 21 were running, 17 were cycling, 9 were swimming, 6 were core-strength and 14 were general strength.
The second quarter I logged 97,6h of training distributed on 55 workouts, of which 41 were running, 3 were cycling, 7 were swimming and 4 were general strength.
I nearly doubled the amount workouts when it comes to running and almost terminated the cycling workouts. I was also down considerably when it comes to strength.
Well then, the most important question is: Has it produced results?
Let's take a look at my results this second quarter. When I talk about results I mean competitions, my finish time and placement.
I've participated in 6 races-three marathons, two ultras and one 10km(Sentrumsløpet-Oslo).
In marathon I've lowered my finish time to 3h 49m 14s-from 4h 18m 50s
In Ultras I've been able to finish two demanding trailraces of 50 miles and 100km well before cut-off time.
In Sentrumsløpet I've lowered my time to 49m 54s from 55m 2s(last year).
The main question then: Am I satisfied? Yes I am. Definately. To improve on my results is one thing, but to discover ultra-running is maybe my greatest achievement. To run an ultra is something completely different than a marathon. It's an emotional experience beyond everything I'd encountered before. I truly love it.
What is the price I've paid for my results?
I've lots fitness when it comes to cycling. Further on I've noticed the beginning of what could be "runner's kne"-my right one. Finally, I've reached a level of running fitness far beyond the ones in my previous years.
The way I see I have benefitted from 5 years of steady training without much changes from year to year. Gradually I've been building a greater running form and took advange of that this second quarter.
I've been putting a lot of strain on my body this quarter, both when it comes to running and in total. I did double the amount of running workouts and the hours of running activity and covered distance was fourth as much as in the first quarter. Total training time doubled. I'm very pleased to have been able to make use of that amount of training and produce results in races as a consequense of it.

Now it is important to think ahead. What I've achieved is history. What's important lies ahead of me.
The main subject is my overall targets long term. What are they?
Well, having spent 7 years of training, most of them with running, I must admit that my passion lies with running. So it seems like a good thing to pursue my passion in order to see how good I can be, starting at my age(42). Conducting a wise training programme I should have many years of passionate running ahead of me. Long-distance running that is-more spesific, ultrarunning.
Having reached my conclusion when it comes to establishing my main target, the rest is executing.
My strategy in the years to come is to consentrate on ultras. I'm going to run fewer runs, but longer. It's important to develop gradually from year to year. I need to develop in many areas, when it comes to running, but I will never give up cross-training. That means that cycling, swimming and strength will be an integrated part of my training programme-strength being the most important one.
This year I've been introduced to ultra, running a 50-miler and one 100km. The next year my target is to run a 100-miler, preferably in the USA, and preferably Western States Endurance Run. Leading up to that I'm establishing a race once a month to build up my running form-starting in March-2011.
Any marathons will be treated as C-priority runs.
The remains of this year I'll gain some more ultra-experience by running 6h-runs and a trail-run.

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