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tirsdag 13. juli 2010

Resuming training again

It feels good to be training again after one week(9 days) of total rest. This week is scheduled for preparation. That means I'm using a low workload on all workouts to allow the body to prepare for a tougher schedule in the weeks to come.
In the third quarter I've scheduled a total of 82 workouts distributed on strength(7), flexiblity(9), swimming(8), cycling(11) and running(47). Total hours of training-including races is 113h(Running: 83h). I'm participating in 6 races-the A-priorities being UltraBirken and Berlin Marathon-both in the end of september.
Todays workout went fine. I experienced some mild discomfort in my right kne-I suspect is a mild degree of "Runners kne". I'm working on that with ice and stretching on a daily basis. I'm also going to use some support on my kne at the beginning of my running. Today I went through three sets. One to warm up and two additional at 60% workload. I can clearly sense that I've lost some muscular strength since last time. I would guess about 20 %. Last strength workout was 26th of May-some seven weeks ago. It's about time to regain some of it.

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