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tirsdag 20. juli 2010

Strength-todays workout

Time for another strength workout today. Initially I'd planned one session a week on Thuesday in the building period. Now I've redecided and I'm scheduling two sessions a week in the building period and one session in the tapering period. There will be no sessions in the competition period.
Todays workout went fine. I felt rested and ready for training. I'm still on three sets-one warm-up and two sets on 60 % workload with 6 reps. I intend to keep it that way untill I enter the basic-period in October this year. Then it's back to 100 % workload. It's a bit inefficient to train at the middle or the end of the day. From Thursday this week I'm training in the morning(06:30 a.m.). My experience from the second quarter is that I stopped the strength-training to early in the building period. I think that's why I've suffered later with injuries. My approach now is to do strength-training during the whole building-period-scheduling two sessions, and one session in the tapering period. In addition I'm going to add some more excersises for my core, back and feet. Now I'm using 30 minutes on general strength and 10 minutes on core-strength. I'll fit in a few more exercises in the former by increasing the intensity, and the latter by increasing the time spent. Anyway, the beautiful scenery is from lake Øyungen in Nordmarka-Oslo. A pity I have to do my strength-sessions indoors.

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