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fredag 31. desember 2010

2010-Year of breakthrough

Thuringen Ultra
Looking back on the year that's just about to end, I'm amazed about my endevaours. I have moved myself almost 3.000 km both on footh, wheels, in the water and even on skies. In addition I've participated in 15 competitions and finished 14 of them. 7 of the competitions being marathons and 7 being ultras. I guess it's only more than fair that my right knee is hurting. I hope that all those who happen to read this blog is just as satisfied as I am right now.
This year was also the first time I participated in an ultrarace. It was a wonderful experience and I still remember vividly my first ultra-Kristins Runde. Further on I'm very satisfied with accomplishing another main goal of mine-breaking the 4h barrier on the marathon. I was almost amazed when this happened at Ålesund Marathon in May and I still cherish the moment and the race.
A transcending experience that took place later on was Thuringen Ultra in the beginning of July. Running the better part of the day through the deep woods in majestic Thuringen Wald in Germany was simply fantastic. The feeling of fullfillment when finishing was beyond everything I've experienced so far.
Another great moment I'll remember with great pleasure is my new personal best on marathon i Berlin Marathon one week after finishing UltraBirken.
Finally, to finish my first 10 km under 50 minutes was a great moment. That happened at Sentrumsløpet in Oslo late April.
Two other races that provided great running experiences was Kongsvinger Skogsmarathon and Stavanger Marathon-both in August.


    Km Time(h) (%)                      
Running: L 2 225,7 250,5 76,6 %     
Cycling Sy 586,1 23,9 7,3 %
Swimming: Sv 5,9 21,2 6,5 %
Triathlon: Tr 0,0 0,0 0,0 %
Martial arts: Kp 0,0 0,0 0,0 %
Strength: St 0,0 23,3 7,1 %
XC-Skiing: Sl 51,1 6,8 2,1 %
Cross-training: At 0,0 1,6 0,5 %
Total   2 868,7 327,2 100,0 %

Number of workouts:
Running:           132
Cycling              32
Swimming :       25
Triathlon:            0
Martial arts:        0 
Strength:           41
XC-Skiing:          3
Alternative:         4
Total              237 

Number of endurance sessions is 95, leaving the rest to quality sessions. That's a pretty heavy load of quality-something to think about, at least when it comes to number of sessions. I also have to consider the workload measured in hours. Average length of a quality workout is 40 minutes. That adds up to 64h (20 %). That's better, but still to much.
Looking at the statistic it's obvious that running is the major part. I will make changes in order to establish variety in my activity, but running will still be important. That is running on trails mostly.

I wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy New Year and success in the year to come.

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