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fredag 24. desember 2010

Running: still a long way to go

Sandnes-Christmas eve
Yesterday I had my first running session since my last race-Bislett 24h race at 27th of Nov. I ran at a very moderate pace and the distance was very short. Naturally I was very eager to learn if I still suffered from any pain because of my knee-injuries. I headed out in the early evening, temperature just below zero, light winds and a bit of snow. After just one km I noticed pain in my knees-especially my left kne(particularly the back of the kne). I got a bit worse and stabilized at a nmoderate level, but I was in no condition to push on towards higher pace. Clearly I have a long way to go in order to recover from my injury. First thing next week I'll schedule an appointment with a fysiotherapist in order to establish a training programme to strengthen what muscles that need strengthening in conection with my knees. I addition I will carry out a stretching programme and use ice extensively for the next two weeks.


-Distance: 6 km

-Time: 37m 0s
-Average pace: 6:10 min/km
-Average moving pace:  min/km
-Elevation gained:  m( m/km). 10-ok
-Calories:  kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): Not measured
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire
-Weather: Clouded, -5 degrees celsius, light wind, high humidity in the air, overall cold

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  1. Hi Jannicke,
    I'm definitely not an expert on recovering from injuries, but maybe some 'power-walking' could be an alternative to running. I believe walking up hills is excellent training.