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tirsdag 28. desember 2010

Nordmarka Ultra Challenge: crossing Nordmarka from north to south

View north from Kikut
At 1th of October 2011 it's due for a new ultrarun in Norway. The race will be entirely on trails in Nordmarka north of Oslo. The length of the race is approximately 60 km. The course leads the participants through some of Nordmarkas most scenic parts starting way up north at Grua and finishing at the one of the most southern point of Nordmarka-Sognsvann.The course is very hilly and includes visits to six mountain tops-Bislingflaka, Kollern, Pershusfjellet, Kjerkeberget, Kikuttoppen and Vettakollen.
Official split-times at: Tverrsjøstallen, Kikutstua and Sognsvann.
Major check-points along the course: Mylla, Tverssjøstallen, Katnosdammen, Kikutstua, Skjennungsstua and Sognsvann.
Minor check-points: Bislingflaka, Kollern, Pershusfjellet, Spålen, Kjerkeberget, Sandungen, Blankvannsbråten and Vettakollen.

Course description: 
-Starting point: Grua( Just over 1h by train north of Oslo)
-Part I: Grua-Mylla.
-Part II: Mylla-Bislingflaka-Kolleren-Tversjøstallen
-Part III: Tverssjøstallen-Pershusfjellet-Spålen-Finnerudsæter-Katnosdammen
-Part IV: Katnosdammen-Kjerkeberget-Sandungen-Kikuttoppen-Kikutstua
-Part V: Kikutstua-Osmarka-Blankvannsbråten-Bjordammen-Skjennungsstua
-Part VI: Skjennungsstua-Rishøgda-Vettakollen-Bånntjern-Sognsvann
-Finish: At Sognsvann in Oslo(some 20 minutes from the city center by municipal transport)
The course will follow marked trails and each participant will be provided with one map. However it may occur that the marking is insufficient and each participant is responsible for his/her own navigation.

Estimated distance: 60-70 km
Estimated elevation; 1.500 metres
The course will be logged using GPS during the spring/summer 2011.

Each participant must provide his/her own nutrition. Water is available along the course from streams and lakes.

Number of participants will be limited to 50 in 2011. Registration will open 1th of April 2011.

Team Nordmarka

Jannicke Bergh,
Phone: +47 99 49 33 42

More information will be provided on this blog-post leading up to the start of registration. The course is subject to alterations.

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