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fredag 3. desember 2010

Recovering from injury

Porsanger fjord
It appears that I have a challenge to overcome that needs some time and dedication. The challenge is referred to as "Runners knee". You can read more about it here:

My initial measures were:

1) Anti-pronation shoes
2) Orthotics

I've tried out the former. It seems that it isn't adequate enough. In addition I may have pushed my luck participating in Bislett 24h race at 27th of Nov-just 4 weeks after I had to DNF in Copenhagen. I should have backed off and started my recovery then, but that's history. I will have to deal with it now.
First priority is to get well from the kne-injury. Next in line is to take necesssary measures to prevent this from happen again.
Well, then, how do I get well from the injury?
First, no training this week and the next week except for swimming.
Second, running is off for the time being. That'll be easy. I get nauseated just by thinking of running.
Third, I'll get some orthotics. I have an appointment on 16th of Dec and will receive my orthotics two weeks after that-the first week in January. I will start my running after that.
Fourth, I'll start training gradually. Starting with strength-training the week after next week(51-2010), supplementing with cross-country skiing the week after that(52-2010). Further on cycling and running from the first week in 2011 and swimming from the second week in January-2011. I January I'll have one running-session a week the first three weeks, two running-sessions the next three weeks and three running-sessions the following three weeks. All sessions will be with low intensity(endurance in zone 2).
From week 10 in 2011 I'll start with base-training. That will last 9 weeks, finishing at the beginning of May.
All scheduled races in the first quarter is cancelled. I'm considering to cancel scheduled competitions in April and May as well, but I'll conclude on that some during the first quarter.
The first period is this and next week. My measures here will be use of ice(twice a day) and stretching(three times a day).

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