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søndag 5. desember 2010

Swimming: technique-session

Nice to swim again tonight. Actually it's my first training session since the race last weekend. Next training-session will be next Sunday and will also be a swimming-session.
The goal with todays session was to relax more in the water while focusing on executing good technique and increase the length of the lap. I managed both. The last 7 laps was 30 metres, the first 26 was 20 metres. From now on I'll only be swimming laps of 30 metres and longer. The fun part is that I'm able to relax more in the water. By being able to relax it's easier to execute good technique, and by executing good technique it's easier to relax.-it works both ways. Still I need to work more on my breath. Now I'm able to catch air, but I need to get rid of it as well while I'm not breathing. It was a very good workout tonight. Hours of training has certainly paid off. I just need to keep on working.


1. 26 laps of 20 m: 520 m
2. 7 laps of 30 m: 210 m
Total distance: 730 m
Workout time: 47 minutes

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