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mandag 12. april 2010


After careful consideration I've decided to make running my number one priority this year. For the last three years I've been dividing my trainingtime on 3-4 different sports. In short that means 2 sessions a week for every sport. I have improved in all of the categories, but this year I feel like diving into running. There are several reasons for this. First of all it's my favourite sport-I love running. Second, I think that's the sport I'm able to perform best in. Long distances that is-ultra running. In order to develop there I need to log a lot of running. That requires time-time to train, time to recover and time to race. Something has to go. In this case that is the other sports. I will still train regularly in other sports-they will be part of my training-program, but then just as an alternative to running. The other sports are cycling and svimming. In addition I'm doing strength training as I always have. That is essential to improve further as a runner-especially as an ultra-runner.
Well then, this year I'm attending 14 races. There are 3 ultras, 10 marathons and a short race(10 k).
 My first Ultra is Kristins Runde in Oslo-Norway. A race in June with a distance of 50 miles and 2300 hm. It's a trailrun. The cut-off is 16 h. My aim is to finish within 12 h-an average speed of 8 min 51 s/km. After that the next ultra is in Thuringen-Germany. The distance is 100 km and the cut off is 18 h. That is also a trailrun. My aim is to finish within 15 h.
My last ultrarun is in Norway-UltraBirken. A trailrun of 73 km in mid September. My aim is to finish within 11 h.
In between I'm attending 10 marathons. There are several reasons for that. First I need to train the body to run far. Second I love to run marathons. They are plentiful and are arranged in many different places. It's a great oppurtunity to combine the event with exploring. Running is also pure pleasure. Overall my aim with this decision is to take a sport I love highly to a new level of performance. I'm confident that I will achieve.

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