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tirsdag 13. april 2010


Since the beginning of this year I've been participating in svimming courses. One was held before the Easter and I've just started on another one right after Easter. In total I'll attend about 18 times-9 sessions on each course. I've consentrated on crawling and some backstroke(back crawling) as well. These two tend to work well together. I must say though that I have in my eagerness been spending the most time om front crawling. The more I exercise the more relaxed I feel in the water. Front crawling has three different levels. First I have to master to float and get my feet working properly. Secondly I have to use my arms in the right manner in order to get maximum progress forward. Thirdly I have to breath regularly. So connected with back crawling there are three different tasks to attend to while swimming. The first two I'm quite comfortable with. The third I got to work some with. The main approach to develop swimming skills is patience. I have to establish a set of drills, carry them out in planned order and relax when fatigue occurs. Most important is to consentrate on correct performance. Speed and distance will automatically fall in to place later on. I'm confident that I'll develop sufficient swimming skills in order to train regularly and compete in a triathlon if I feel like it. During this period I've been swimming once a week in connection with attending the swimming course. In order to develop further I think it's time to extend the weekly swimming program with one more swimming session. I have to fit that in my training program starting no later than the beginning of May. Swimming is a fantastic alternativ to running, cycling and strenght training. I feel completely relaxed and recovered after a session. It's a good thought to make use of that experience in scheduling a weekly traning program. If scheduling swimming on Thuesday and Thursday morning I have three windows to train other sports.

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