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onsdag 28. april 2010

Running-todays workout

Back on running again. I didn't feel any pain in my left knee during this workout. I did some tough, short intervalls to improve on my speed.
I managed to keep a steady pace throughout all the intervalls. Maximum heart rate was just above treshold heart rate. That's good as it means I've been pushing hard enough.
This was a morning session. It's been a while since last time. In future I'm scheduling both running and swimming as morning sessions. It's pretty chilly outside in the morning and I'm not as fit as in the afternoon, but it's good to start the day with a challenging workout. Being a bit tired, facing a lousy weather or any other obscure reason for not carrying out a morning workout simply is not on. None of these are nothing ells than my attachments to concrete facts. None of these has nothing to do with my running. The weather or my feelings are just what they are. It can't be anything more than that.
It running is on my training programme that morning, then that's what's going to be.

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