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onsdag 21. april 2010

Running, strength, tonights workout

I'm fortunate enough to live just a mile from an excellent hill run. Stretching 4,5 km(3 miles) with a diffence in height of 270 m it is my favourite hill to build spesific running strength. Todays workout was the third in line after I started training again after Easter vacation. My aim with this is ofcourse to build strength. During the workout I aim to be patient. Consentrate on lovering the speed to keep my heart rate down below my anaerob treshold. Encountering a hill demands patience and I have to train more to establish more of that. Right now I truly feel that I need more patience. I have to lover my speed right at the bottom of the hill, keep the pace low and try to stabilize my heart rate below my anaerob treshold during the entire ascend. Right now I have to take four short stops of about 1 minutes each in order to lower my heart rate. I strive to ascend the hill in one intervall. Entering my period of taping and racing in June, I'm excluding this workout from my training programme. It's tough but I'm shure it will pay off in June.

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