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torsdag 22. april 2010

Recovery day

Having experienced a test with a negative outcome on Monday this week it's important for me to perform well in the race scheduled on Saturday 24th of April. I participated last year and have put a great deal of effort into my training since then. I have logged 250 hours of training since then of which 102 hours is running time. Distance covered while running is 953,4 km(596 miles). To make all this effort worth while I ought to perform better this year than last year. It's a short distance-only 10 km(6,25 miles). Last year my finish time was 55m 2s. To me a performance that's minimum 5 % better than last year would be satisfactory. That means I'd have to finish within 52m 25s. I had a workout recently-16th of April- consisting of a short, long run at a heart rate of 166-just below my anaerob treshold(170).The distance covered was 10,4 km(6,5 miles) and the time used vas 55m 39s. That eqals a speed of 5 min 21s per km. That would result in a finish time of 53m 30s.Last years race I had an average heart rate of 171. That means I can put some more effort in my race this year-looking at my results from the recently short, long run. I should say that the finish time should be under 53 min. I'm heading for below 50 min. Feeeling a bit stiff in my ties today I've decided to take a day off to allow my body and mind to recover. Tommorrow I'm going to run a very short, fast run in order to prepare my body for the speed to come on Saturday's race.All this means that I'm treating this race as a priority B race. There'll be no training on Saturday-just preperation for the race-more on that later on-tommorrow.

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