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lørdag 24. april 2010

Race of today, Sentrumsløpet-Oslo

I'm very pleased with the result from this race.I finished at personal best. The finish time was 49m 54s. That's an improvement of 5m 8s from last years race. In relative terms that equals to 10,3 % improvement since last year. Clearly my hours and km on the road has paid off.
Some key data: average speed is 4m 59s/km(12,03 km pr h/7,52 miles pr h). Average heart rate was 175, maximum heart rate was 187. Time after 5k was 24m 49s. Overall placement: 2132 of 6500, gender placement: 384 of 2119, age: 41 of 307.
Preperation: I arrived 45 m before the start and did some light running lasting about 5-7 m. Further on I carried out 3 short intervals at high speed. After that I did some light running again, 3-4 m. Finally I did some stretching(5 m). The start area was packed but I managed to leave at planned speed(5m).The course ascends the first 3 k but I kept my speed. Working my way through Frognerparken I passed the 4k mark right on schedule(20 minutes). Encountering the last big ascend in Bygdøy Alle I lost some speed but not much. Although I experienced some pain I still felt strong and capable of finishing within my target. Arriving in the city center again I passed 8 and 9k with a few seconds behind schedule. One last, short and step ascend and I had a short km to go. Feeling that I could succeed if I pushed all I could manage I got the energy I needed to do so. Entering the last stretch I put in my last effort and finished at 49m 54s. My main approach was to keep the target speed at all ascends, try to run steady at target speed during the descends in order to lower my heart rate, run at target speed during the flats and try to spare some strenght to the last 1 k. My strategy was successfull. I finished at personal best.

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