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søndag 25. april 2010

Running-todays workout

A long run again today at marathon pace. Important to me was to consentrate on executing as good technique as possible, keep the heart rate between 150-160 and keep a steady pace just below 6m pr km(9,6m pr mile).
It all went according to plan. I covered 31 km(19,4 miles) in 3h 1m 47s.
Average heart rate was 154 and average speed was 5,86m pr km(9,4 m pr mile).
One other point of interest to me was to lower my speed during ascends in order to prevent the heart rate from rising above 170. I managed that also as maximum heart rate was 170.
My course was on a road with asphalt pavement as it has been since I started my training after Easter vacation in the weeks 12 and 13. Since then I have runned almost the same amount as the whole period between New Years Eve and Easter. This week I had 6 workouts-five of them were running workouts.
I noticed some minor pain in my right kne at the end of the workout today. The main cause for that is the amount of running the last three weeks and the surface I've been running on.
In order to prevent injuries short term I'm cross-training for the next two days, strenght and cycling. Long term I'm scheduling my long runs on the trail-starting next week.
Additionally I registered that the pair of running shoes I was wearing are somewhat small. I have known that for a while, but it did't make any difference during the winter. Now when the temperature is on the rise my feet starts to swell and there is obviously a mismatch between fot and shoe. I need a new pair of shoes for my long runs and hill runs.
Finally I don't feel worn out after the long run today. There is minor stiffness in my thighs and I'm pretty fit mentally. I wouldn't have any problem carry on a few hours more.
Anyhow, next week is scheduled for recovery. That means the same amount of workouts, but shorter lenghts. I'm cutting back some 40 %.

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