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torsdag 3. februar 2011

Swimming-back to basics

View from Lillomarka
Well, then here I go. Writing this report three days after carrying it out. Anyway, I went swimming again Monday evening. Last session a week ago was disappointing when it comes to technique. My measure was to return to a small pool and focus on technique again. It worked! Within 45 minutes of reps consisting of drills with a length of 10 metres I managed to regain some of my technique and make som improvements. The latter was to lift my head a bit in order to reduce resistance in the water. In addition, by practising reps of just 10 metres, technique is 100 % prioritized. That clearly makes a difference. My approach in the coming time is to focus just on technique using the same workout and increase number of workouts a week to two.

-Total time: 45 minutes
-Total distance: unimportant

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