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torsdag 3. februar 2011

..and some more strength..

Tiergarten, Berlin
Last workout with strength-training this week. Pretty funny to attend the rowing maschine. The more even I row when it comes to speed, the longer the distance. It pasy off to have as even pace as possible. I'm trying to narrow the pace-gap and to end as exhausted as possible. It's wonderful training for my core and I'm certain that it'll pay off when I start running in the terrain the coming spring. As for the two other exercises I need to keep the workload a bit in order to consolidate my strength before I increase more. Compared to the start last fall I'm up by 30 % in max-load. Before spring I should be up by another 20 %-reaching 100 kg. That would be great.

 -Warm-up: running to the gym, 0,6 km, light.
-Seated rowing: 15 minutes, ligth load(level 5); 3.470 m (Consept 2-Rowing machine)
-Squats: 1 set/8 reps/ 32 kg, 1 set/6 reps/37 kg, 1 set/4 rep/42 kg, 1 set/4 rep/47 kg, 1 set/4 rep/52 kg, 1 set/4 rep/57 kg, 1set/4 rep/62 kg, 1 set/4 rep/67 kg, 1set/4 rep/72kg 1 set/4 rep/77, 1 set/4 rep/82 kg,
1 set/4 rep/84,5 kg
-Deadlift: 1 set/4 reps/67 kg, 1 set/4 rep/72 kg, 1 set/4 rep/77 kg, 1 set/4 rep/82 kg, 1 set/4 rep/84,5kg
-Workout time: 45 minutes

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