Danmark fra Larkollen

søndag 14. mars 2010


I finished a running workout earlier today. Luckily it's possible to run outside, and I completed a long run-2,5 h. According to plan, but very necessary as my first marathon is approaching rapidly-next Sunday in Rome.
My thighs are pretty stiff and todays workout was though. I need to prioritize stretching in the week to come. Actually I think I need to improve on my streching routines on a regular basis-both in connection with my workouts and consider to include a workout dedicated to stretching entirely once a week. The former I decide to do right away. The latter I have to consider after learning how the outcome is by the former.
I'm including an additional running workout the following week. It's dedicated to muscular endurance. It's due on Friday. The rest of the schedule is one light strength-workout, an endurance workout on the bike, one swimming workout focused on speed skill and one running workout focused on speed skills. Tomorrow and Saturday is dedicated to recovery-that means no workouts. Hopefully this weeks schedule will represent the best preparation possible for the marathon to come.
Anyhow, we experienced a light snowfall yesterday as the picture above shows.
Hopefully that was the last one this year.

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